photography by Annakarin Quinto                                                                                                                          











to be continued

I am not a terrorist. I dream reaching new horizons.

"We know that behind a revealed image there is another one and another again and so on. Until the image of absolute reality, mysterious, that nobody will ever see" Michelangelo Antonioni

You will find me pretentious, but I am chasing that absolute image ... And what makes me happy is that the chase will last till the end and that it will be the last image I'll see... Thus there will be no place for boredom in my life ...

For a bigger version : <a href="">All we need is respect</a>


she : i think all poetry tries to touch that absolute

that nobody will ever see
but we all feel it's presence
--especially during some very special moments...--
it's just that some people have taken upon them the task to transmit these moments of absolute immersion..connection
to everyone.. (tough, tough, tough... but inexhaustibly exciting) their being is more attuned to its calling. willingly and inescapably. you are one of those people... l love this quote by antonioni. i've been thinking of watching some of his works for some time now. i feel there's something there. maybe it's time!


me : I just came out from an exhibition about the relationship between photography and cinematography and it was outstanding ... anyone interested into photography should see it ... short but but with multiple and deep possible lectures. And there were some images of Antonioni, related to Gruyaert's work. I rediscovered the Antonioni ones (L'avventura, L'Eclisse, Deserto Rosso) ... It is really worth to take some time to see them again. My personal absolute favorite is "Professione reporter" ...

he :


she : you are right...
it must be seen big!!

i had such an inspiring and informative day yesterday with all these links.. thoughts...
thank you!!!!!!! :)

that banksky/streets video is great. i wasnt aware of his work.
i am finding that people like him and jr are putting to action so many things that i have been thinking about art..
i admire their energy and drive...!
i am so so so happy to be acquainted with their work!





They think I am a terrorist. I am a surgeon and today I couldn't save my brother.

he : almost like a religious sculpture

he : i can feel his impotence....

me : his name is Samir ...

"They are bombing. I am shaking"

he : perfect.

me : Thank you ... eventhough perfection for me is synonime of death ... but maybe it is adequate here ...

she : I was too in 1999.
When NATO bombed my country.

me : I remind that too ... I was comfortably in France but cried and shouted for three days about human's craziness ... sorry for reminding you that ...... the other day it was "Fête Nationale" here and the city was invaded by chars and other militaries ... no way to escape from them .... they looked so proud ... I saw them so hopelessly stupid and vain ... I deeply hate that fear for pseudo-difference .... that need for "protecting" from a non existing menace that at the end creates one ... and this only in the name of territorial conquest ... we still need to be so vigilant ... because humankind seems still at this poor level of development ...

Destroy. We will rebuild. Over and over. Restlessly. For ever ...

he : hopefully won't be ' for ever' .......

me : You know what one of my dream is ? Spending holidays on Gaza strip beach ... It is gorgeous ... I didn't scan any picture of it yet ... but maybe I'll do before stopping tthe postings on this serie ...

me : life is stronger than anything



Fire. Beyond the bars we are still alive.

she : it looks like a choir robe hanging there, so my mind is filled with gospel songs.

he : i skim across the surface but sometimes i see something that makes me wonder what's behind

A terrorrist ? ... I just want to escape for other landscapes ....

Maybe 3 or 4 more and then I'll stop posting this serie ... I start to be quite happy with the general harmony of the color gradings alltogether ... I will never thank <a href="">frzw</a> enough for pushing me to get free from the idea I had of coherence ... The differences start to be interesting together ... but finalization is hard work and should be done with a refinment I have no time for right now ... and my heart is taken by other horizons ... and I need to take some distance ... and most of them would need to be seen big ... all their sense is in small details ... but at this stage I wanted to thank you for all your support ... I hope that one day I will be able to do more with them ... at least now I know they can touch and open eyes without hurting ... Have a gorgeous day ...

And forgive me for the dust and dots ... I don't know why but today I love them ... I'll pull them out maybe tomorrow ...

they : don't remove the dust!! They just are part of the image.

he : content and reality of these places disables the esthetics to the bare minimum.. [I meant just the balance of the form/style and content - so when you touching such a sensitive subjects then style may become secondary ... whatever ...they strong and beautiful works... ]

he : are u using medium format film?? i really love this series, hey god news i had my yashica medium format repaired last week, woooh im excited about it, 2mrww im going to buy film and load it, and click it dang i miss that old sound,

me : I just recovered my father's Rolleifleix ... but the meter is broken and ... I don't know how to use it ;p ... I'd love to bring it on my journey ... but maybe it is not reasonnable ... still don't know ... anyway these were done with a Nikon FM 10 with a Nikkor 35-70 mm 3.5/5.6 .... film I have to check ... there are at least 3 different films ! ;p I'll tell you later !

he : ...these images always are surrounded by silence, impotence silence.

me : one day I'll make them shout

he : the dust and dots make this all the more real

me : there is always something both fragile and strong in leaving the dots and dusts ... at the same time, I feel also that they make it clear that it is "just" an image ... that means a point of view among others ...


All over the world, the only thing they possess is trust in adults.

about Burma>

Burma is a very rich country : forest, gaz, gold, copper, precious stones .... and courageous population.

This wealth is mostly exploited by foreign companies from occident to Thailand, India and especially China, an allié of Birman regime. Among them Total, French oil company.

The investments (very heavy ones, considering the kind of exploitations involved) can only go through the Myanmar Investment Commission, half held by the militaries, and the settlement of joint-ventures generating incomes for the share-holders (the miltaries, I recall it). Total pays 200 millions of dollars of royalties to the regime per year to provide France with gaz ....

90% of the population lives under the powerty line
GDP per inhabitant is of 230 dollars per year.
50% of the children do not finish their scolarship
3% of the national income (mostly depending on the companies here above) goes to health
from 45% to 50% of the national income go to military expenses ... thus repression ...

<b>-&gt; almost nothing of the investments done by foreign countries goes to the population (mostly it goes to the repression) and no boycot of these investment would arm them, most of them still living from their agriculture ...</b>

ps ; 25 000 birmans have an e-mail adress - 1% is connected to internet

about Palestine

All this just makes me shout with anger and rage.

The only thing I will say is that Israeli behaviour as described above is at work in Gaza Bank since the very beginning (i've been there, so I can tell that).

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE is that now they feel enough on the &quot;right&quot; side to expose their action on the public place as something normal, according to Gaza's &quot;hostility&quot;, now they feel entrusted to consider themselves as victims. By who ? By the international community who is totally unable to express a firm condamnation of their actions.

Before, Gaza people (mostly craving only for peace and having no desire for weapons and bombs) thought that the world didn't know, that the press was manipulated. Their major wound was feeling that nobody knew about what they were enduring really, that nobody was listening to them, that somehow they didn't exist for the world.

Now, as Israel has officially expressed its intentional politics of destruction of Gaza strip into the face of the world, what will Palestinian think if there is no firm condamnation, how will they react, how CAN they react ? When in front of you you have a powerfull country which only purpose is to destroy you, whatever you do, whoever you are, what solutions do you have to try to survive ?

The international community is able to condamn Iran (I will not talk here about the outrageous hypocrisy of French who first provide the tools to generate a A bomb and all of the sudden realize what they've done) and maybe tomorrow Burmese dictatorship. This is a good thing of course.

But why are they enable to call what happen's between Isreal and Palestine for what it is : a war submitted to international laws that would condamn Isreal actions as being against Human Rights.

Why should Isreal being imunized from the fact of possibly being &quot;bad&quot; ? I just ask. As far as I know, they are human beign as we are and in this respect they are submitted to the same laws. We are able to condamn our own countries when they do something we do not agree with. Why are we unable to do the same against Israel ? I just ask.

My heart is bleeding with an immense feeling of injustice ...

she : I feel your rage and tears. Sometimes I feel hopelessness. I try to explain to young adults in this country why war is a losing proposition and they don't understand, so many of them.
And the children in many countries will learn that adults can't be trusted either.Silly humans.

me : sometimes I wonder if for some war is not just a game ... I can understand the ones who fight for their privileges [that doesn't mean I accept it] but the ones who accept to fight for others privilege without sharing the smallest part of it .... this is beyond my understanding ...

he : mi piacerebbe vedere un lavoro tuo con questa tua attenzione alla posa ,all'espressione ed alla luce...quasi da cinema piu' da set fotografico di studio...qui il confine fra reale e artificiosita' e' sparito ma convivono assieme. sei brava ma non fai attenzione alla sequenza sei troppo libera in questo...anche se la liberta' ti piace sei troppo brava per dimenticarti le attenzioni alla luce e alla composizione....quindi se vuoi la vera liberta' te ne devi dimenticare e passare direttamentei al racconto e all'impatto emotivo senza filtri dati dalla tua acquisita abilita' .....
ciao.. e fai come ti dico io che me ne intendo di queste cose ...

se pensi che sia di mio pugno tale dicitura, sappi che sbagli...
è il grande Flask a pronunciarsi in merito e a pungerti se così si può dire..
; )

me : ... un commento come un palindromo ... lo puoi leggere nei due sensi ... e non so più se devo mettere più forma nelle emozioni o più emozioni nella forma .... magari ne parliamo presto degustando un salamino



"They think we are terrorrist and soon we will die"

Yesterday I went to see "The Bubble" movie ( for a short pitch The Bubble :

Hopelessness puts me in a state of rage. So this morning I decided to scan my Palestinian negs [ I went to Gaza Strip on humanitarian mission ]

The pictures of Gaza itself were done in very difficult conditions and very short time. I was supposed shooting the surgery in the hospital.

It is a sensitive and delicate subject, I know, and my pictures are probably not good enough ... but what I would like to show is that all they need is respect and freedom, all they are dreaming about is love and peace but their screams are covered by the bombs on both sides.

Crave for power and possession kills humanity. It can only be saved by dreams and desire.

This morning I feel in despair ...


he : just look at those smiling faces on children living in the world's biggest prison camp. How do they smile while living in that? It's a testament to the human spirit.

he : but despair hasn't destroyed your ability to act ...... and there is hope, as the South African experience shows ..... when ..... "From every possible point of view - Socialist, Liberal, Jewish or Buddhist - a decent person cannot but call for the boycotting of a regime and a government which for forty years already are mistreating a civilian population only because it is Arab. And decent Jewish persons must let their voices resound more loudly than those of others calling for action and effort." llan Pappe

There are Israelis who are protesting to put an end to the Palestinians being imprisoned in their own land, have a look at this gentleman’s photographs, he is good with a camera! :

she : i really dont know whos llan Pappe & sorry 4 my ignorance. but i can assure u dat decent Jewish persons doesnt exist in this matter. if there r u cant hear their voices anymore. u know why? coz of da fat ones!

Annakarin, did u c Arna's Children by Juliano Mer Khamis?'s_Children
my deepest recommendation & i hope u will feel alittle bit better soon.

he : I lan Pappé senior lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Israel's Haifa University.

he : last month British academics endorsed the logic of boycott ....

me : Your insatiable ability to find informations is smooth to my dispair

she : I look at this and I can really *see* them.
Kinda puts all the shit I worry about into perspective and that is something to be very grateful for.

me : you'r right for the cigarette ... they are pushed to behave like men when the still are babies ...

me : siamo tutti profani ... fino al giorno in cui decidiamo che quello che abbiamo da dire è une responsabilità ....

me : nothing else to do and behaving like adults before time and experience ...

he : Do yourself a favour and get (if you don't already have it) the book "The Other in Palestine", a photographic journal by Matei Glass (published by Actar).



This is our land.

I decided this is going to be the last one posted for a while ... I don't want to rush the serie ... scanning the negatives i discover a new world ... and I am a little bit on the choc it is mine ... and all your response gave me something new I don't know how to handle ... I think I am gone for a journey I do not measure the importance yet ... and I feel the need to take distance ... these are of 4 years ago ... I want to discover where I am now ...

So ... thank you again everybody ... I hope I'll be able to express what you brought to me ... and return it to you ... ;D Have a wonderfull day all of you !


I am not a terrorist. I am a victim.

I really share with you a difficult process .... the building of the serie ... from zero ... scanning the pictures, discovering their potentiality ... and your works nourish me so much ... some time I hate this distance I have ... I find my images so &quot;straight in the face&quot; .... without poetry ... maybe because I'd love to be neutral ... but this is impossible ... especially to me ! ;D ... but maybe this is necessary too, the distance ... and also I used many different films ... difficult to create an harmonious style for the serie ... and so many things to express at a time ... still didn't decide the final rendering ... and at the same I wish to respect the realism of the situation ... still don't know how to handle this ... maybe there are two series coming out parallely ... feel a little bit lost ! tomorrow it will be better ! ;p

Please, go and have a look on what it inspired to EXITOR and maybe participate ! ;p
<a href=""></a>

he : that hand

me : sometimes the negatives reveal invisible details (if you had seen my original test print ! so different !) and light has its own ways to express itself

he : do not worry about style differences. Series can also be like a stream of consciousness. Do not worry about harmony as it is indeed the expression that will lead you through this process . The difference in elements can be the core of a project, just as a collaboration of people with different visions will give more depth to a project than a collaboration of people with the same vision. These differences make this series to an unique concept.

me : I think I found the solution, composing the serie with evidently more personal pictures with their own life and dyptich of reality. By this I will try to show parallely that there is no objectivity nor neutrality possible, which is one of my obsessions

he : his is a very personal opinion.... but.... i'm in two minds over this one ...... the processing kinda romanticizes the subject matter ..... i agree with respecting the realism.... given the context...

me : you are perfectly right .... you know my theory about pictures ... probably the proportion of intimate selfportrait of my soul is bigger than the proportion of compassion ...

she : poetry is our other self that never sleeps...g.sarandaris

she : Can not stop looking at the hand, feels like it is gonna burst into flames anytime. Mesmerizing.

he : hmm, u gave me an idea. Showing a dad who says " I am a terrorist" he doesn't make time for his kids...doesn't read to them....pays the bills and resents his wife... the real terrorist to a less terrifying future. "I am a terrorist" show a teacher. The kids are hell, they don't want to learn anyway.... Terrorists LURK in out own community. ( I'm not sure teachers need any backlash though, so I better think harder).




Maybe it is not a lot but it is already something. If you urge for peace, you can sign the Avaaz petition here :

I know the sound of military planes attacking ... my heart is bleeding

forgive the rough scan - no time and no heart for narcisist post

he : your images are so silent. like a Scandinavian movie.


me : ... others have said "quiet" ... somehow I know ... though it doesn't make me feel happy ... I don't know why ... maybe because I know how much retained violence is contained in them ... sometimes I wonder if I do not take pictures not to shout ... or let the door open to my inner violence ... or maybe it is just because I am half dutch and it is my northern culture talking