photography by Annakarin Quinto                                                                                                                          

june30_2007 : I wish I could jump on the first airplane ...

"Reality is what remains when you stop believing" Phillip K. Dick

9 months later THAT date. Stigmatas are still bleeding all over the city. It is the end of the world. It is the end of one world. Winter melts into an existential blur, desperatly waiting for spring. Will things be ever again the same ?





he : too many atrocities committed in it's name...... me : that's why she bends in shame ....

  me : ... once upon a time America was the kingdom of freedom ...        

someone : Putrefacciòn

me : this is what I wanted to vehicle ... as a warning


she : i would like to buy one....
me : I think you deserve much better ones, Sandra !!!

he : Well, dreams should be for everyone. So i guess its a fair price
me : That's an interesting point of view ... didn't see it this way but ... maybe in this case they should be free ... thus priceless

he : hehe. you can have my dreams for free.

he : i wonder how much dreams cost in ......Palestine..... for example....

he : they are for free there, like anywhere else.
he : ...... how so?
me : I leave you with your conversation. Join you for a little drink later !
he : "dreams die last" we say in germany. have you seen 'brazil' by terry gilliam?
me : I do believe in your quote Rolph ! Unfortunatly sometimes I think that this also leads to endless fights ... maybe dreams shouldn't be so egocentric ....
he : bob dylan sang "if you let me be in your dreams, i'll let you be in mine".
maybe that is the nearest we can be with others.
he :
me : Yesterday I went to see "The Bubble" .... I am still crying .... and I will do for a long time .... mode=movie&... Not sure that the here related pitch is very faithfull to the film, but I am scanning my Palestine negatives and have no time to look for more or better right now.

he : What about an NGO that could distribute dreams where there's not enough left?
me : Wish it could be so simple ... people are dying to reach their dreams all over the world ..
he : et ça pourrait rééquilibrer les échanges nord-sud, ils ont les rêves et nous les moyens...
me : maybe the problem is that we do not have dreams ourselves anymore (not me, I mean, but the society we live in) ...

he : My hopes are cheaper
me : then bigger ---------------- !


he : gotham city

me : creation is constant construction and destruction ... nothing is never absolutely new ... it is a fluid process of knowledge and freedom of expression ...


he : a street level icon - perhaps as moving and provocative as the lady herself . . .

he : Probably I hate this symbol, love for sure Philip Lorca : I adore Philip Lorca di Corcia. You are in a cultivated mood tonight ! by the way there are some discussion with some discussion going on on him in this pool ... maybe it will interest you ! 57600711708870/ . It is interesting to see how "street photographers" consider him .....

corridor shot :

me to him : never saw the film but have read about the scene and saw some pictures ! .... I am sure you will easily and bravely find your way out of the labyrinth !

Dan : I had the oddest sensation looking at this, after all the beauty of your work. Just simply, if a picture, or the place that inspired the picture, or the feeling coming or going, surrounding that image, ever felt oppressive, or the evacuation of the heart seemed so imminent or complete.....

that that other small heroic picture at the beginning of your Thai pictures, whose caption announced your intentions on how to shoot, how to travel without a guide, how to travel inside without a michelin-daddy commentary, might offer an antidote, a comfort for the devastations, the vacancies.

In the shuttle between this picture and the trees, I suppose, the door in between.

Your comment at the "trees" picture: I know this pruning is important. I even did some today, a lot, for me. But you also have what you speak of as a kind of "deepest history" that I think you are right about.

Right now the moon, if it hasn't finished waxing, it will soon, and the waning won't wait a moment. You spoke of vax and vane and I thought of wax and wane of course, but also vex and vein. A beautiful accident?

your "stream" does have a "line" that defies easy or literal shaping. This must sometimes make life difficult, even un-easy. I'm glad you are complicated. Your vein vexes.

Watching the watchers : Just playing with Skype, its video system and screen capture ... still work in progress ... the idea just came to my mind whilst being stucked behind my computer ...Then I thought that any camera could transform the niciest guy into a terrorist ... and thought about all the surveillance cameras surrounding us ...

It all came through this connection of circumstances : Do you know this project ?
<a href="">Face2Face_idiotthewise</a>
It is one of the greatest things done for peace ever and the same collective developed a pool called &quot;Watching the watchers&quot; I am referring to here :
<a href="">Watching the watchers</a>

And all this came to my mind looking at this picture of picture made by Hugo :
<a href="">JR in Arles</a>

Look cautiously the picture on the wall ... and you'll find other links there if you are interested !


someone : This series really captures a sense of alienation and strange abject beauty... it's the way I will now always imagine NY... lit by a dark and bloody sun...